PyBaz provides Python bindings for the Baz revision control system.

It's based on PyArch, and shares the same design goals:

It provides enough flexibility and efficiency for all types of applications, from batch scripts to graphical user interface front-end and web services.

Get It

PyBaz 1.5.3 was released on March 6 2007.

The current official PyBaz release is pybaz-1.5.3. It supports baz-1.4.

PyBaz release 1.1 supports baz-1.0 and baz-1.1.

You can get the latest code using bzr:
Head branch. Most of the development happens there.
Stable branch. Stable API and bugfixes for the latest release.

PyBaz is licensed under the GPLv2 or any later revision of the GPL.

They Use PyBaz

Provides an importer from Baz to bzr.
User-space filesystem for the Arch/Baz namespace, allowing to check-out projects using ls and cp.
Nautilus extension that provides an intuitive interface to revision control operations with the Baz revision control system.


David Allouche is the main author of PyBaz.

Aaron Bentley is the current maintainer.

Other valuable contributions from: