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RecTransform Class Reference

#include <imgmap.h>

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Public Methods

 RecTransform::RecTransform (float aoffx, float aoffy, float ascalex, float ascaley)
Rectangle operator() (Rectangle &myrect)

Public Attributes

float power

Member Function Documentation

RecTransform::RecTransform::RecTransform float    aoffx,
float    aoffy,
float    ascalex,
float    ascaley

00043       :
00044    offx(aoffx), offy(aoffy), scalex(ascalex), scaley(ascaley), power(1)
00045    {}

Rectangle RecTransform::operator() Rectangle   myrect [inline]

00048    {
00049       myrect.left*=(1-power+scalex*power);
00050       myrect.left+=offx*power;
00053       myrect.width*=(1-power+scalex*power);
00054       myrect.height*=(1-power+scaley*power);
00055       return myrect;
00056    }

Member Data Documentation

float RecTransform::power

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